Drawing on the Adelaide Parklands

The Adelaide Parklands Art Prize is a new Art Prize, an initiative of the Adelaide Parklands Preservation Association.

I am thrilled to have had three of my works chosen for the finalists exhibition, commencing on Saturday February 15th at the Adelaide Festival Centre Art Space, until Sunday April 6th.

I hope you can come and have a look while it’s on!

AKA Tulya Wodli (Winter is coming) Oil on plywood, 40cm x 30cm
AKA Tulya Wodli (Winter is coming)
Oil on plywood, 40cm x 30cm

En Plein Air

"En Plein air", 2013. Mp4 on digital photo frames, approx 96cm x 100cm multi panel work.
“En plein air”, 2013.
Mp4 on digital photo frames, approx 96cm x 100cm multi panel work.

Today I have finally finished preparing my multi-panel digital work “En plein air” for exhibition in the Fleurieu Water and Environment Prize Finalists exhibition.

The work consists of an array of 12 digital photo frames, on each of which is an iPad drawing (originally made beside the river). The drawings are presented as mp4 files, synchronised to cycle in turn through their making and unmaking. The full cycle takes 7 min and 21 seconds.

It is impossible to show the work other than as a “still” on this page – to see it in its entirety you will have to visit the exhibition!

The exhibition will be at the South Coast regional Art centre in Goolwa, from 26th October until 25th November 2013.

For more information on the Fleurieu Art Prizes click here.


It’s coming up to August, and the SALA (South Australian Living Artists) festival in Adelaide. Generally a very busy time for Artists here in South Australia!

I have teamed up with local business “Jorell’s Hair Face and Body”, Shop 44 City Cross Arcade, Rundle Mall to present my SALA exhibition “AWESOME!”

I was also lucky to be selected as a finalist for the Advertiser Business SA Contemporary Art Prize in SALA, so one of my iPad drawings on aluminium is in the finalist’s exhibition in the foyer of the Advertiser Building on Waymouth Street.

“AWESOME!” is a tongue-in-cheek meditation on the role of “Beauty ” and “Awe” in our times. I have used 21st technical means (digital iPad drawings) to rediscover traditional Art practice (Plein Air and observational figure drawing) in an effort to find beauty and awe in my everyday surroundings. Awesome?

Slies of Sky, iPad digital drawings, panels 34cm x 16cm on brushed aluminium
Slices of Sky, iPad digital drawings, panels 34cm x 16cm on brushed aluminium

AWESOME! runs from Saturday 3rd August until Saturday 7th September at Jorell’s. Jorell’s is open Monday – Friday in business hours, and Saturday mornings.There is a “Drinks with the Artist” function on Tuesday 20th August, 4:30pm – 6:30pm.


“Grounded”, an exhibition by Nic Brown, Cathy Frawley, Sally Parnis and Lyn Wood opens on Friday March 8th at Fisher Jeffries, 1/19 Gouger St Adelaide for the Adelaide Fringe and continues until April 19th.

The exhibition will be mounted by Adelaide Central School of Art to publicise the school’s move from Norwood to Glenside.

Nic Brown, Cathy Frawley, Sally Parnis and Lyn Wood are four artists who recognize ”landscape” in their work. Their approach to landscape could be described as “immersive”, and the products of their engagement are at once different from, and harmonious with, each other.

Landscape becomes not so much a subject for their work as a site for exploration. Each artist translates her lived experience for the viewer. Each in her different way weaves the complex relationship between mind, body and the environment and creates portals for the viewer to share a new experience of what landscape might signify, whether that be home, journey, sensation, poetic space, site for transcendence, or part of a shifting reality.

Nic Brown makes evocative and painterly landscape paintings that she often sites in installations of domestic objects. Memories of childhood, tradition and history are triggered by her gently subversive juxtaposition of the interior and exterior.

Her work segues beautifully to Cathy Frawley’s sensuous paintings where landscape is a metaphor for the interior world. In Cathy’s work images of the interior and exterior are interwoven indistinguishably, as she speaks of the landscape “becoming” as we move through it.

Sally Parnis also seeks transcendence with large scale “abstract” paintings that explore her own mark making amid an uncertain shifting perception of her external reality. She attempts to share the body felt experience of her environment and the conviction that beauty resides in evidence of human connection.

Lyn Wood brings years of immersion in, and love for, her natural world to powerful paintings that reduce her complex notions of honouring place and the timelessness of the landscape to silent and evocative works. Her paintings bring the viewer to a refelective place where the perception of the external reveals a link to our own internal world and imagination.

“Wordless” at Faraja

Much of the work from “Wordless” has been installed at “Faraja” restaurant, 36 King William Road, Hyde Park.

It will be there at least until the end of February – so check it out if you’re in Adelaide.

It’s a great place to go for coffee or a meal, and they have Sunday brunch with music as well.

Transparent Night 2012, Oil on canvas 120cm x 90cm
“Transparent Night”, 2012
Oil on canvas,120cm x 90cm

Wordless: An Exhibition of Paintings

Waterlogged 2, 2012, OIl on canvas, 137cm x 122cm

“Wordless” opens on 25th September at the Promenade Gallery A, Level 2, Flinders Medical Centre, and runs until 25th November.

It will be an installation of paintings made over the last year, using the daily drawings from message in a bottle as source material.

This strange journey has taken me from figure and portraits through landscape to abstraction – a wild ride?

The opening function is at 5:30pm, and it will be opened by my long time friend, and huge supporter of Flinders Medical Centre Arts in Health, Dr Rob Padbury, Divisional Director Surgical and Specialty Services at FMC.

If you are in Adelaide come and join me for the opening, or if you can’t make the opening, drop in some time during October and November and check it out.

Flinders Medical Centre Arts in Health is a wonderful initiative, begun over ten years ago, bringing the Arts into the core business of a busy public hospital with many benefits for both patients and staff.

Some images of work to be exhibited can be seen here

Reclining figure, yellow and pink, 2011, Oil on linen, 60cm x 40cm

New Work in Progress

At the moment I am putting in lots of painting hours in preparation for an exhibition at Flinders Medical centre in September.

It is amazing how the work develops, and one finds oneself in previously unexpected places.

Here is a sneaky preview.

“Waterlogged” work in progress
Oil on Canvas, 130cm x 120cm

“Entwined” – an exhibition of drawings

26th January: Reading figure (iPad finger drawing)

“Entwined” is my next exhibition, at Adelaide Central School of Art Studio Gallery, commencing March 30th 2012 and running through until April 21st 2012.

I will be showing a selection of drawings from my daily drawing project (“Message in a bottle”), but as you’ve never seen them before!

The exhibition includes works on paper, aluminium and video.

The opening function is from 6pm – 8pm on Friday the 30th March. The gallery is at Adelaide Central School of Art, 45 Osmond Tce, Norwood. The studio Gallery is to the left of the main Gallery as you walk in the front entrance of the school.

If you are in Adelaide and you are interested in my work, I’d love to see you there.

The Daily Draw – “Message in a Bottle”

A big part of my Art Practice is the act of drawing, daily.

Every day (nearly) I sit down near a friend or family member, or just out at a cafe, and make a drawing. The drawings are posted on my blog called “Message in a Bottle” for any cyber wanderer to stumble on.

You can subscribe to “Message in a Bottle” and receive a drawing in your inbox every day – it is free.

28th September: Watching figure, 40% dark (Aquarelle on Arches paper)
3rd November – Relaxed with a yellow strip. (iPad drawing)









Why would I send out a free drawing every day? I believe Visual Art can be seen as a collaboration between Artist and Viewer – by looking at my drawings you make them live and help them develop, in the same way that by going to a play your response affects how the actors perform.

The drawings continue my obsession with the moving human figure, and the impossibility of capturing movement in a painting or drawing.

Having started out using coloured pencils and aquarelles, I have recently moved to experimenting with iPad drawings. Tedious at first, I have warmed to the potential of the iPad for its immediacy, its reproducibility and its portability. I am sure I will return to the earthy feel of a good piece of paper eventually, but for now I have a lot to explore on the iPad.

South Australian Living Artists Festival, August 2011

August can be a busy month for Artists in South Australia. Apart from maintaining one’s own presence in the festival via an exhibition or open studio, there are so many exhibitions, workshops and related activities available!

My work can be seen in a variety of locations during August.

Ten paintings and six drawings have been installed at Cibo Espresso, on the corner of Rundle Street and Frome road (ground floor).

The paintings form part of an on-going exploration of the opportunities created when drawing and painting the moving living figure.

The starting points for these works are my daily drawings, which you can see by following the link to the right of this post called “Message in a bottle”.

The exhibition also has an online presence along with other Cibo artists at http://www.ciboespresso.com.au/galleria/index.php/site/artists/ (Click on the link under “Exhibitions” on this page)

I will also be showing some drawings and one painting at St Ignatius Artshow, opening on the 19th August at 62 Queen St Norwood. (see the link in the “Exhibitions” column to the right of this post)