En Plein Air

"En Plein air", 2013. Mp4 on digital photo frames, approx 96cm x 100cm multi panel work.
“En plein air”, 2013.
Mp4 on digital photo frames, approx 96cm x 100cm multi panel work.

Today I have finally finished preparing my multi-panel digital work “En plein air” for exhibition in the Fleurieu Water and Environment Prize Finalists exhibition.

The work consists of an array of 12 digital photo frames, on each of which is an iPad drawing (originally made beside the river). The drawings are presented as mp4 files, synchronised to cycle in turn through their making and unmaking. The full cycle takes 7 min and 21 seconds.

It is impossible to show the work other than as a “still” on this page – to see it in its entirety you will have to visit the exhibition!

The exhibition will be at the South Coast regional Art centre in Goolwa, from 26th October until 25th November 2013.

For more information on the Fleurieu Art Prizes click here.


  1. veronicacay says:

    Congratulations – great images – would love to come and see the exhibition and the work in situ – good luck.


    1. Thanks Veronica!

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  2. Mark Roberts says:

    Sally- these look great: loving the use of digital medium in your work.


    1. Thanks Mark! Oh, and I love your profile pic too – one of my faves!


  3. great work! congratulations… – Gabriel


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