“Colour Notes from the Heart”

My exhibition “Colour Notes from the Heart” opens on 21st January at The Main Gallery, 156 Halifax Street, Adelaide and runs until Saturday 12th February. Wednesday – Friday 12pm – 5pm, Saturdays 1pm-5pm.


This body of work started when Australia was burning and has been making its way through the upheaval and uncertainty of the pandemic.


It traces gratitude for regeneration, home, family and beauty.


Each work began with an iPad finger drawing or painting made from life. Many were made whilst hurtling along the highway in a car.


The iPad drawings are like taking notes and the finger marks embody the time spent immersed in that drawing, searching for colour or form.


Some images remain in their original state, others are re-explored as paintings.


Hurtling from Tennant creek to Daly Waters, 2021
Oil on linen60cm x 90cm


There is an opening event at 6:30pm on January 21st. Follow the link for more information and to register for the opening event (free). Tickets are limited due to COVID restrictions.

If you miss out on tickets to the opening event, I will be at the gallery from 1-5pm on Saturday 22nd January, 29th January and 5th February.

I do hope you will be able to check it out!



Oil Painting Basics workshop at Campbelltown Art House

I am running a fun workshop for beginners and the curious about how to get started with Oil Painting.

The sessions are on Friday mornings from 10am – 12:30pm.

Session Plans are as follows:

Session 1: Materials, methods and preparation.
We will discuss different types of surfaces/supports for oil paintings and you
will be preparing a surface to paint on. We will also discuss brushes, paint and other materials required.

Session 2: Drawing up – tips and tricks.  First layer, loose and lovely.

We will discuss different ways of beginning a painting and you will lay down the groundwork for your painting.

Session 3: Start with a broom, finish with an eyelash

We will explore methods for building a painting. You will complete your first layer or begin the second.

We will begin to discuss colour and mixing.

Session 4: What comes next? A kaleidoscope of colour.

By now each of you should have a painting well underway. We will discuss how to progress a painting and the various questions that arise during the session according to your individual needs.

“Besties” Exhibition at Gallery 1855

I’ve had four little paintings exhibited at Gallery 1855 as part of a group community exhibition called “Besties”

It closes on February 6th, so check the gallery hours and go have a peek if you are up that way.

These paintings are all part of my life long project – drawing from life (usually on an iPad these days), then using those drawings to inform paintings.

Winnie resting 2020
Oil on board
36cm x 46cm
Winnie resting 2020
Oil on board
36cm x 46cm
Winnie Posing 2020
Oil on board
40cm x 30cm
Winnie Gazing 2020
Oil on Board
40cm x 30cm
Winnie Waiting 2020
Oil on Board
46cm x 36cm

Art and COVID19

We are all working from home more, and out of home opportunities for Artists have for the moment mostly vanished.

I’ve noticed that this website is sorely in need of update – a good COVID19 iso goal! So watch this space.

Also, SALA (South Australian Living Artists festival) this year is likely to be very different, so over the next few posts I am going to be experimenting with how I might share my work online in SALA style.

I hope to show some of my drawings and how they were made, and how they might then give rise to other work.

As a starter, here is a drawing I made this morning, and if you follow the hyperlink on her name you will see the drawing replayed, including the squiggly play where I was testing out the new unfamiliar app that I was using today.

Introducing Winnie, my new moving muse and bff. iPad drawing.


“Creation” – SALA 2019 exhibition at Hentley Farm Winery Cellar Door

This SALA (South Australian Living Artists) festival I have an Exhibition at Hentley Farm Winery.

Called “Creation”, it is the body of work produce during my collaboration with Hentley Farm Wines via Adelaide Central School of Art to design an Art work for their limited release “The Creation” Shiraz (2017)

Working on this project involved several months of immersion at “F Block” where the grapes were grown for this 2017 very special shiraz.

I made a number of iPad ‘drawings’, measuring the changes over time in the landscape and the vines. The final label design grew out of these works, expressing the unique qualities of “F Block”.

The exhibition continues throughout August 2019, 11am – 5pm daily at Hentley Farm Cellar door, Corner Gerald Roberts and Jenke Roads, Seppeltsfield. Work is for sale, you can enquire via this blog, or details provided on the floor sheet at the exhibition.

Mulching the terra rossa
“Mulching the Terra Rossa”, zoomed iPad drawing printed on aluminium, 28cm diameter



SALA 2019 – Saint Ignatius Art Show

The Saint Ignatius Art Show opens this evening and continues all weekend for SALA. It is a popular biennial fixture in SALA, where a broad range of local Artists show their work.

I will be exhibiting a small group of paintings and iPad mash-ups. Making this body of work I was thinking about cultural and religious traditions and the timelessness of stories associated with them. Our stories needn’t be assigned to “museums” of thought. They are living and contemporary expressions of our connectedness. I also like to muse on the possibility of these stories crossing cultural and religious borders.

Fidelity tondo 11inches @300ppi
“Fidelity”, Sally Parnis 2019, iPad mashup printed on aluminium, 28cm diameter


“Madonna” Sally Parnis 2019, Oil on Ply, 60cm x 100cm


Saint Ignatius Art Show is at Saint Ignatius Junior School, Queen Street, Norwood.
It opens Friday August 9th, and will be open for viewing Saturday 10th 10-4 and Sunday 11th, 10-4.

2 SALA 2018 Exhibitions

I have work in two exhibitions this SALA (South Australian Living Artists Festival)

Firstly, I have a solo exhibition at the very lovely Hula Hoop Wine Bar. 

“Blood and Rust, Soul and Dust” will be installed from Wednesday 15th August until Sunday 23rd September 2018, Wed – Sun, 8am – 11pm, and there is a “soft” opening on Wednesday 22nd August from 6pm – 8pm. Come and have a drink with me then if you’re not already overwhelmed by SALA goodness.

The exhibition is a collection of oil paintings and iPad drawings. They are all narratives of a sort, created by “mashing” together images from different sources – photographs, reproductions of old paintings and icons, and my own observational and memory drawings. Some come from actual stories I want to tell, but others are image play, pure and simple. I hope you manage to check it out.


And to dust
“And to Dust”, 2018, Oil on Board, 100cm x 65cm


I also have work  in the Adelaide Parklands Prize Exhibition in The Festival Centre Foyer. I was very happy to be selected as a finalist, and even more so to receive a “highly commended” award. It’s my third outing in this prize, and the second time I’ve been highly commended, and since it is a cause close to my heart I’m super proud to be there.

My work is called “Summer Solstice: Drawing the Adelaide Parklands” and it is an iPad drawing I made over 15 hours from dawn to dusk on December 22nd 2017, across the river from Adelaide Oval. The drawing is animated and shown on an HDTV screen. As it unfolds it reveals both its own development and the changing light and colours of the scene throughout the day. It is 45 minutes long, but I really don’t expect anyone to watch the whole thing!

Do have a look if you are in the vicinity of the Festival theatre foyer until the exhibition finishes on August 26th.

Video still from Summer Solstice 2017 by Sally Parnis
Video Still From “Summer Solstice”, 2018, mp4, dimensions variable

iPad drawing workshop at Adelaide Central School of Art

Are you interested in using your iPad to draw? I will be running a two day workshop at the well respected Adelaide Central School of Art on Thursday 11th and Friday 12th of January 2018. Enrol here.

The first day will be spent going through the basics of the Brushes XP app (these skills are transferable to just about any other drawing app) and the second day will be for developing your own projects – or you can work on ideas that I will give you.

I’d love to see you there – it will be fun and relaxed, and you will learn a new drawing tool!

The workshop is suitable for people who have no prior iPad drawing experience.



9th Prospect Portrait Prize

I am pleased to have been included in the 9th Prospect Portrait Prize exhibition, with my animated digital painting “DNA”. This work was previously a finalist in the Emma Hack Art Prize, and it is wonderful to have it out in the world again.

The 9th Prospect Portrait Prize opens this Sunday 26th November at Prospect Gallery, 1 Thomas Street Nailsworth. The opening function is from 3-5pm.

The exhibition continues until January 21st, 2018.

Sally Parnis_DNA (set of movie stills)large
Set of six “stills” from “DNA”, mp4, manipulated iPad finger drawings playback, dimensions variable.

November/December exhibition: SA Love Art Bar, 52 Sturt Street, Adelaide.

The dynamic Ms Emma Hack has been busy forming SA Art Collective and setting up a new Gallery space, shop and bar at 52 Sturt Street, Adelaide City.

Along with a number of other local Artists, I have work in the first exhibition at this lively new space. The exhibition theme is “SA Love”.

There is also a gift shop – and Christmas is coming!

So get along this week or soon, have a glass of local wine and a nibble or two and check it out!

Opening times are 12-6, Thursday -Sunday at this stage (it is still young!)

More details can be found here

Sally Parnis_Passion- Conference, 80cm x 60cm 300ppi
Passion Conference, Manipulated iPad drawing on glossy aluminium, framed.