Oil Painting Basics workshop at Campbelltown Art House

I am running a fun workshop for beginners and the curious about how to get started with Oil Painting.

The sessions are on Friday mornings from 10am – 12:30pm.

Session Plans are as follows:

Session 1: Materials, methods and preparation.
We will discuss different types of surfaces/supports for oil paintings and you
will be preparing a surface to paint on. We will also discuss brushes, paint and other materials required.

Session 2: Drawing up – tips and tricks.  First layer, loose and lovely.

We will discuss different ways of beginning a painting and you will lay down the groundwork for your painting.

Session 3: Start with a broom, finish with an eyelash

We will explore methods for building a painting. You will complete your first layer or begin the second.

We will begin to discuss colour and mixing.

Session 4: What comes next? A kaleidoscope of colour.

By now each of you should have a painting well underway. We will discuss how to progress a painting and the various questions that arise during the session according to your individual needs.

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