I am an Adelaide Artist.

I draw and paint in a variety of media, but I like to make and experiment in  3-D as well.

My current work explores the opportunities and difficulties created by drawing moving subjects. I draw most days, and post my drawings on a blog called “Message in a bottle”.

My drawings are always made from life. Sometimes the main subject is a person or people, sometimes it is the landscape or environment that surrounds me at the time.

Whether the subject moves or the light changes, I draw on regardless, accepting the vagaries of living in the real world and confident that the human brain can always make sense of a changing situation.

Of late, my favourite tool is my iPad – portable and full of exciting possibilities that I hope will continue to inform my painting practice.


  1. Dear Sally, I was walking down the hall of the Good Friday Building yesterday and what to my wondering eyes should I see… buy visions of loveliness upon the walls created by thee…
    It was such a pleasure to see that what was once ‘just a hobby’ for you has become such a passion and that you are able to be appreciated by the masses.
    I would love to hear from you…if you remember who I am!
    Take care of yourself-your loving husband Pas and your beautiful children and I am ever so happy for you. You look so happy in your studio.
    All the best. Robin

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  2. hey sally, it’s charlotte padbury 🙂 i have to some artist studies for an art class, and i decided to do you! i love all of your paintings and drawings, and i hope i can see you guys some time soon 🙂 x


  3. Awesome Sally ! Nice to see you have talents outside the hospital walls. We do miss you though ! You must come in for a visit x Astrid 🙂


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