Wordless: An Exhibition of Paintings

Waterlogged 2, 2012, OIl on canvas, 137cm x 122cm

“Wordless” opens on 25th September at the Promenade Gallery A, Level 2, Flinders Medical Centre, and runs until 25th November.

It will be an installation of paintings made over the last year, using the daily drawings from message in a bottle as source material.

This strange journey has taken me from figure and portraits through landscape to abstraction – a wild ride?

The opening function is at 5:30pm, and it will be opened by my long time friend, and huge supporter of Flinders Medical Centre Arts in Health, Dr Rob Padbury, Divisional Director Surgical and Specialty Services at FMC.

If you are in Adelaide come and join me for the opening, or if you can’t make the opening, drop in some time during October and November and check it out.

Flinders Medical Centre Arts in Health is a wonderful initiative, begun over ten years ago, bringing the Arts into the core business of a busy public hospital with many benefits for both patients and staff.

Some images of work to be exhibited can be seen here

Reclining figure, yellow and pink, 2011, Oil on linen, 60cm x 40cm


  1. Rachael says:

    Oh I am so pleased it will still be on in October when i come over! I will definitely go and see it!


    1. Ok now I’m feeling nervous!


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