The Daily Draw – “Message in a Bottle”

A big part of my Art Practice is the act of drawing, daily.

Every day (nearly) I sit down near a friend or family member, or just out at a cafe, and make a drawing. The drawings are posted on my blog called “Message in a Bottle” for any cyber wanderer to stumble on.

You can subscribe to “Message in a Bottle” and receive a drawing in your inbox every day – it is free.

28th September: Watching figure, 40% dark (Aquarelle on Arches paper)
3rd November – Relaxed with a yellow strip. (iPad drawing)









Why would I send out a free drawing every day? I believe Visual Art can be seen as a collaboration between Artist and Viewer – by looking at my drawings you make them live and help them develop, in the same way that by going to a play your response affects how the actors perform.

The drawings continue my obsession with the moving human figure, and the impossibility of capturing movement in a painting or drawing.

Having started out using coloured pencils and aquarelles, I have recently moved to experimenting with iPad drawings. Tedious at first, I have warmed to the potential of the iPad for its immediacy, its reproducibility and its portability. I am sure I will return to the earthy feel of a good piece of paper eventually, but for now I have a lot to explore on the iPad.


  1. Evelyn says:

    Hi Sally. Your drawings are fabulous! I am also excited about using my ipad2 for drawing. Which app do you use though? There are a lot of art apps out there so it would be good to know which you find the best. The recording of your drawing within the app is great! Thanks Sally, I hope to hear from you soon.
    Evelyn van der Harst Aberfoyle Park


    1. Thanks Evelyn – I use “Brushes” – also used by David Hockney! The Brushes Viewer can also be downloaded for free to create and export the recreation animations,
      Best regards – Sally.


  2. Kate Swaffer says:

    Hey Sally, I love your drawings, and your beautiful words, especially about drawing and the collaboration between artist and viewer. Glad to hear you love the iPad too, yet to get one, but on the immediate hit list! xx


  3. Thanks Kate. Keep on enjoying the drawings, it all helps! x


  4. Victor Demczuk says:

    Intriguing work! You say it is impossible to capture movement in a painting or drawing – Walt Disney would not agree. Display technology will meet your need. In fact your animated movies already do that. The challenge may be the need to balance the still with the change. It is an area that is being explored in the photography area.


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