Portrait of the first female president of the AMA in South Australia

Portrait of Dr Jeanette Linn, 2011, Oil on Linen, 80cm x 60cm

In February I was lucky enough to make the official portrait of the indomitable Dr Jeanette Linn for the South Australian branch of the Australian Medical Association.

Jeanette at eighty has a sharp intellect and cheeky wit, so the twelve or so sessions spent with her in my studio making this portrait were utterly delightful. I made a wonderful friend and was inspired by her contribution  to the community and her achievements.

I am grateful to the AMA for commissioning this portrait, and to Jeanette for her willingness (actually insistence) to make the work entirely from life.

If you happen to be visiting the board room at the AMA in Adelaide – check it out!


  1. Kika says:

    prosit Sal!


  2. Mum says:

    Sally, thats wonderful! I feel as if I know this lady. I love the colours, the background tones and the different textures you have so capably captured. Well Done! Love, Mum


  3. Cathy Frawley says:

    Hi Sally,
    I feel like your Mum has spoken for me! This is just beautiful and reminds me very much of my own Mum (and also my Dad’s soft white hair!) and of being a mother also – its a very special gift you have given the AMA and also us. I love the use of pinks and the softness and tenderness in the way you painted this obviously beautiful lady!, also the expansive white background adds such a lightness to the work, I feel as if she could be sitting on a cloud. Thanks Sally, much love Cathy xxx


  4. Danton Pearson says:

    Well done Sally. I really like the colours and blending of the tones of pink, red etc. Such a rich, warm and energetic combination that gives vibrancy to the obvious alertness that you have captured in the eyes. Thank you for sharing this with us. Danton agrees with my sentiments and passes on his congratulations.
    Love Odette and Danton


  5. Gilbertt Kat says:

    Congratulations Sally ! A wonderful Portrait – I was fortunate
    To have Jeanette as a mentor at her Walkerville practice
    during my General Practice training. She was the one who inspired
    Me to do aged care full-time – her strength, energy, compassion
    And devoted nature to me come out in your Portrait .. The AMA are
    Very fortunate to have this exquisite work of yours! Well done!
    Cheers Gilbertt Kat


  6. Richard Lea says:

    Wow, Sally – I can see why you became an artist. That is quite a talent, what a great portrait.


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