“To tell a constant story” will be installed on Thursday, 3rd February. This exhibition of 10 paintings and an ever-expanding cohort of drawings can be found in “Gallery A” on the ground floor of the Good Friday building, The Women’s and Children’s Hospital, North Adelaide (enter from Kermode street). The exhibition runs until the 30th April, with a launch function on the 16th February. During the exhibition time I have been invited to wander the public spaces of the hospital and make drawings, which will be added to the installation as they are completed.

"Little Red Riding Hood", 2011, Oil on linen, 45cm x 60cm
"Rapunzel", 2011, Oil on linen, 45cm x 60cm

Drawings from my daily drawing project “Message in a bottle” will be installed as part of this exhibition. You can be part of “Message in a bottle” by clicking on the link at right, under “Daily Devotion”. If it makes you curious, subscribe by scrolling to “Email subscription” at the bottom of the page and signing up. A drawing will arrive for you by email every day, no strings attached.

I hope you can make it to the exhibition at least once!


  1. Fiona Lochtenberg says:

    Wow!!! What unbelievable talent!! Love it!! All of it!! Proset Sal!


  2. Ruby says:

    Sally these paintings are so beautiful. I love that you’ve kept your bright pallet and hints of raw colour. Just wonderful! Ruby x


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