Painting Twice at Praxis ArtSpace

I am honoured to have been included in a group exhibition at Praxis ArtSpace in Bowden.

Called “Painting Twice” the exhibition features works by Anton Hart, Chelsea Lehmann, Chris Thiel, Genevieve Dawson-Scott, Jim Thalassoudis, Joe Felber, Liz Butler, Luke Thurgate, Margaret Ambridge, Patty Chehade, Tricia Ross – and me!

Praxis founder Patty Chehade says that this exhibition is “to commence a discussion of the boundaries of what painting can be”.

I am both thrilled and daunted to be included in such a line up, and I hope you will be able to join us for the opening reception on Wednesday 23rd at 6pm at Praxis art Space,  68-72 Gibson Street, BOWDEN, SA

The exhibition continues on into 2017.

I have included digital paintings and oil paintings dealing with my current pictorial obsession and my long term painting obsession.

Here is my Artists statement and a sneaky teaser pic.

“Shy Temptress” 2016, Oil on linen, 120cm x 90cm

“Lately I’ve become obsessed by plant genitalia.

I wanted to share with you their fecund power.

Standing in front of these flowers and painting or drawing, expanding the scale and wrestling with the changing light as they opened and drooped, was like diving metaphorically into their deep centre.

Painting in this way produces an accumulation of moments spent in deep engagement with the sensual subject and the equally sensual process of painting.

It is a distillation of the very complex, cognitive process of seeing and making.

Which doesn’t really escape the fact that we love sniffing plant genitals.



  1. Jenny Allport says:

    Looking forward to it Sally.


    1. Thanks Jenny – see you there hopefully.


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