Daily Practice: An Exhibition

Evening reed colours
Pink Series, iPad finger drawings on polyester film, 7cm x 121 cm
Pelican drawing
Pelican Drawing, ipad finger drawings on polyester film, 7cm x 121 cm

I’m just finishing off work for my next exhibition, due to be installed at Adelaide Central Gallery, Adelaide Central School of Art, 7 Mulberry Road, Glenside on July 4th.

The exhibition is called “Daily Practice” and it is a joint exhibition with the wonderful Annalise Rees.

We both ground our studio work in a disciplined daily practice of drawing – Annalise keeps beautiful paper journals and I blog a drawing just about every day!

The exhibition will feature Annalise’s journals and my blog (you can interact with the blog, and it will be shown updating in real time) as well as work we have developed from our daily endeavours.

The exhibition is open from July 5th until August 6th and is a SALA event. There will be an opening function on Tuesday July 12th at the gallery, 6pm until 8pm.

Sunlitscape Lightbox, iPad finger drawng printed on rigid polyester film, timber,mdf, LED strip, fixings. 40cm x 30cm.


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