Last Days, Parkland Art at the Adelaide Festival Centre Art Space Gallery

The Adelaide Parklands Art Prize exhibition ends this Sunday April 6th at the Adelaide Festival Centre Art Space Gallery. It’s open Wednesday – Sunday, 11am -4pm

My multi-panel animated digital drawing work entitled “En Plein Air” will not be shown again in its current format. The hardware is on the way out! So, if you’re even slightly curious, go and have a look. I also have two small paintings in the exhibition.

There is a huge diversity of Art work exhibited, curated expertly by Maggie Fletcher. I hope you can manage to see it!

"En Plein air", 2013. Mp4 on digital photo frames, approx 96cm x 100cm multi panel work.
“En Plein air”, 2013.
Mp4 on digital photo frames, approx 96cm x 100cm multi panel work.


  1. I hope the exhibition went well, and your submission is beautiful! đŸ™‚


    1. Thanks! I hope your drawing is still continuing – I haven’t dropped in on your blog for a while. Today!


  2. These are beautiful Sally. I am very interested in the digital photo frames – what do you mean they are on their way out? Do they not make them any more? they will make the images extra vibrant with the light emitting diodes? I get a brighter image with my camera paintings on digital frame than printed can achieve. I like the simplicity of your frames. The images themselves a just lovely Sally – sorry to get distracted by the frames! I LOVE the industrial cranes added in with the others – absolutely makes the set! I hope to be back making art mid year as soon as we are settled at the new house. xx each


    1. Thanks for the affirmation Rachael! I’ll email you with details.


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