Sally, emerging artist?

Emerging from what? An egg? the swamp? The shower?

Metamorphosis is implied, at least.

In my case from sensible, high income earning professional to less sensible low income earning professional.

Keep an eye on this site to see what I am up to in the studio.


  1. peter says:

    Hi Sally,

    Hope you’re keeping well, along with Pas, Roger, Joseph and Teresa. Great work and glad to see the new paintings you’ve made.

    I’ve been ‘underground’ pretty much most this year so far trying to get a show together… been a difficult twelve months.

    Take care.



  2. Jillian King says:

    Hi Sally

    Really like your paintings of what I have seen thus far.
    Made a note of your name from S.A. Life magazine
    Love your style/ technique….. I am not an artist but like what I see. particularly images of the young girl and older couple sitting on a lounge.

    I assume you take commissions?
    Do you paint from a photograph?
    What do you charge?





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